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Joe Hawley Our New Hback !


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Well, we know Smith highly values versatility in his players, so it's not far-fetched to see players performing in unexpected roles. Personally, I welcome seeing Hawley at HB when warranted, especially if it keeps the opposing D on their heels.

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Over the years this is something that the NFL has steered away from.

Tebow is a prime example of a player who projected to a different position in the NFL.

and that was TE.

I think that Jeff Van Note was drafted for a position other than Center.

So the idea of using one of our O linemen at other positions in short yardage

could be a good thing. Most of them are just standing on the sidelines and doing

nothing other than breathing up all the air.

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It is a very savvy move. we've already seen the use of Mike Johnson as a TE for blocking purposes and now due to injuries we've followed the same lead to create holes that hitherto were not forthcoming by our o-line.

I am all for it this gets guys on the fringe of the squad in the game and gives them opportunities to make plays whilst allowing the others to focus on doing there job.

Long may these match-ups continue.

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Not sure if you guys remember, but when he was at UNLV they had a video of one of their WRs where he comes out, chit chats about how great UNLV is, and then takes off down the field to catch a deep pass. The next minute Hawley steps up, and does the same thing. The big man was flying down the field. Wish I could find that again.

Ahhh ... YouTube is my friend:

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