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Nice Play By Abe's To Force Newton's Fumble But . . . Not Such A Great Game Overall And Looked Very Undisciplined


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As Peyton pointed out in another thread, we owe a lot to Abraham's freakish strip of Newton on the attempted third down conversion that forced the fateful late punt, but overall, he did not have a good game.

1) Panther's 2nd play, 2nd and 7 around midfield. Abe completely bit inside on the zone read option and Newton was free to turn the corner for the 32 yard run that soon lead to the first Panther TD.

2) End of 1st quarter, Abe again got caught pinching inside and was burned on an end around that went for ten yards and a first down. Fortunately, Robinson made a great strip and the Falcons recovered a fumble on the play.

3) First play of the fourth quarter, 2nd and 16, Abe failed to maintain outside containment on his pass rush (rule one against a mobile QB, right?) and sure enough, Newton stepped outside as Abe got bottled up inside and scrambled for an eleven yard gain. The next play was an apparent first down but was overruled on a challenge.

4) 2nd and 6 with 2:21 remaining and the Falcons desperate to get the ball back, Abe again bit inside on a zone read option and Newton went around the outside for seven yards and a first down. (Abe was able to recover to make the late tackle but the play would have been stuffed if he had maintained outside containment.)

Generally, he seemed a bit lackadaisical and certainly was not flying around to the ball. I can recognize the difference between holding position to protect cutbacks or reverses and just being lazy, and most of the time, Abe just looked lazy and undisciplined.

NOW, I've never been a big fan. I'm one of those guys who maintains that he gets a lot of sacks during garbage time or against bad teams. And I was not happy about his off the field lack of discipline last Monday night. [speaking of which, has anyone heard anything yet tonight?] But if the guy is drinking during the season (I know, most guys do) and is mouthing off to cops, it appears that the lack of discipline thing carried over to his play.

But that being said, maybe he was following the system and, in Nolan's universe (which is working out pretty well so far) the end is free to crash down and is not responsible for protecting the edge. In fact, on the zone read late in the game, it looked like there was a linebacker to the outside lined up on split out Tight End who got blocked out of the play. Also, on the scramble, there might have been a designed stunt (dumb call?) because the DT was actually outside of Newton and Abe.

Anyway . . . I love the way the defense is playing. If Corey Peters can get healthy and Perry stays sharp and healthy, I think we will have a fantastic rotation on the defensive line.

I just wanted to voice my little rant and find out if anyone else noticed Abraham playing . . . not so great?

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