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Bucs Vs. Skins--What Do Want To Know?


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Later in the week I'm going to do a breakdown of the Redskins and some matchups to watch.

Step one in that process is watching the condensed telecast on game rewind. Anyone have anything in particular you want to know going into next weeks game? I'll give quick reports in about an hour after watchig the game and a more complete report later in the week.

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Here are the quick observations:

Redskins are running a lot of screens/draws.

Redskins DL starts strong but tires VERY quickly...especially the DTs.

Cundiff...may not be kicking for them next week.

RG3 looks like the speed of the game is a little quick for him when things get tense.

Redskins like to show the zone blocking in one direction, and have RG3 roll in the opposite direction with run/pass option.

That's all for now folks...

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