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Virtual Hick'ry Stick Award Winner?


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Wishing no disrespect to Supes . . . . it occurs to me that in past years, this would be the time when we would be contemplating the first quarter's winner.

Curious what folks think:

I'd probably nominate Ryan, White, DeCoud and Moore. Maybe honorable mention to Koetter and Nolan (this is "virtual" so why not?)

Individual game nominees would certainly be Jones for game one and Matt Bryant for yesterday. Bryant could be in the running for the quarter as he has been perfect and, when it was VERY necessary, also CLUTCH. "Matty Ice sub k"

Gotta put Gonzo up there too. Maybe Samuel and Robinson, who have been (non penalized) assassins.

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Guest Negatorris

Definitely Ryan for the simple fact that he has been incredible in each game. 11 TDs to 2 INTs is a great number. The only person with more TDs is Fitzpatrick, and dude has 7 INTs, a 50% completion rate, and more than 100 less yards than Ryan.

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Definitely Ryan for the first quarter. Honorable mention to Roddy, TonyG, Julio, WillyMo, Spoon, DeCoud, Abe, Nic and Bryant.

That is about how I see it too. Gonzalez seems to be getting more YAC than at any time since he has

been here. He has been impressive.

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