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This Feels Good


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Yea, but I'm seeing some cracks in the foundation, if Clabo does not tighten up, Matt wont make it to the end of the season...

That's what worries me. I know Matt is tough as nails, but he cant get a Vick style beating and make it through the season. As much as Davis impressed me in the preseason, I dont want to see him taking snaps in a regular season game.

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Falcons 4-0

******* 1-3

Sucs 1-4

Aints 0-4

I urge everyone to enjoy these moments because good times don't last forever

That is true. When your team is good or great enjoy the heck out of it. No team stays on top forever. I tell Texas Rangers fans that they should enjoy being on top for the past three years.

I want the Falcons to sustain a 10-12year run where we are good much like the Pats have been doing.

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