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The Good The Bad And The Incredible


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Let me say Thanks for all your well wishes, I was kinda in Shock Yesterday , now its sinking in, I wanted to post about the game to take my mind off of it, again Thanks for the Prayers and Concern.

The Good

M Turner

Looking very Beastly most of the Day


Had maybe his best game as an Atlanta Falcon Yesterday

3rd Down Defense

Stopped Panthers twice in the final 3 mins, and Played well on 3rd down most of the day really.

Special Teams

every phase was looking pretty Elite , esp the 2 Kickers

The Bad

O Line

esp on the right side

The First 3 weeks the O Line looked great in pass protection, and not very good with Run Blocking. yesterday is was the complete opposite. Turner exploded and Ryan was sacked more than he has been in any other game as a Falcon... thats not good. If it is not possible to run block and pass block in the same game, give me the pass protection, Ryan goes down and this party is over.

J Jones

Dropped 3 passes and didnt drag a foot when we could have got the win after the D made the first Desperation Stop.

I Know some` will say h`ey w`e had D issues all game, I didnt see that, what I saw was a Car Panther team that was playing Lights out. The 1 play where I felt the D blew it was the last screen pass, other than that , the D was in the right spots to make plays, hey give it to panthers, their O came to play and the 3 extra days looked liked it helped

ok The Incredible

Matt Ryan

are you kidding me man, the guy was sacked 7 times, ran for his life most of the day, yet looked like he was in complete control of that game from start to finish. dont think there are any more questions about his arm strength after that 65 yd pass from his own end zone that was on a rope. since 2008 no QB in the NFL has more 4th Quarter comebacks than M Ryan with 17 , behind him are Hall of Famers P Manning 16 and D Brees 15. Thru the First quarter of the 2012 Season Matt Ryan is the Hands down, no Debate MVP of the NFL

Roddy White

yea he talked a big game, I know some here was saying yea we would take J Jones, but White we will pass on... Really ????? Really ????

Forget his 160yd+ and 2 TD Game

did you see the Block on the big screen to Turner ????

anyone who would not want Roddy White on their team has no clue about Football... I Think he is 1 of the Few Modern Day WRs that has a Chance to be in Canton , yea I said it........

Final Thoughts

Falcons need to figure out what was working the first 3 weeks on the O Line and stick to that, Because what we saw yesterday was for sure not protecting your Franchise QB, without him...the magic goes away...

Get the O Line in Order and M Ryan will do the rest.....

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