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Thomas Decoud Brings The "meow Game" To Sportscenter

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We've got something fantastic for you here. If you are a fan of the movieSuper Troopers, then this is a must-watch video. And if you aren't, you should probably drop what you are doing and go watch that movie pronto! Yeah, it might be 11 years old, but it ages like fine wine.

Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud is obviously a fan of the movie as you can see for yourself in the video below. Watch as he plays the "

" during a four minute interview on SportsCenter. Check out the effort he puts into this...


Bravo Thomas DeCoud, bravo. A job well done. I love the "Meow!" that he ends on, as well. Very definitive. By my tally, I counted 10 meows, although it's a bit hard to tell with the audio. With everything going viral these days, athletes trying to top each other in the "Meow Game" would be the meme of the year by far.

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