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Updated Mock Draft


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First off we are trading down from our original draft spot (Let's say 28) to the 8th pick in the 2nd round. In return we get a 3rd, 4th, and 6th round pick.

2nd Round, 40th Overall Pick. Bennie Logan, LSU, DT, 6'3 295 LBs- I really like Logan as a prospect. Even though he's only 295 he already has a very good and well rounded technique. I'll be waiting to see him go against Chance Warmack and Barrett Jones before I give my full analysis of him but he has the potential to be a great DT at the next level.

Another trade- We trade for the 45th overall pick in return we give up the 72nd Overall pick around with a future 3rd, one of the fourths and one of the 6ths.

2nd Round, 45th Overall Pick. Jonathan Cooper, OG, UNC, 6'3 310 LBs- Cooper is a guy I really like at the guard position. Although he won't be a dominant player he'll be a day one starter who does have top 10 potential at the position. His technique is very solid and he anchors well. He can also get around and pull and is able to open holes in the running game. An interior of Blalock/Konz/Cooper will give us room to run on the inside and should be able to give Matt a clean pocket.

2nd Round. 60th Overall Pick, Jordan Poyer, CB, OSU, 6'0 190 LBs.- Poyer is the big CB that Mike Nolan likes but he also flashes play making potential and has the hips to turn and run. Right now Poyer is pretty underrated and he's been a big part of an Oregon State defense that has upset two ranked teams in Wisconsin and UCLA.

3rd Round, 92nd Overall Pick, Stedman Bailey, WR, WVU, 5'10 188 LBs. Bailey is the total package at WR. First off he is an extremely polished route runner with great soft hands and also has very good speed and quickness. His speed and quickness is often downplayed as he plays next to a burner in Tavon Austin. Bailey is a guy who I've compared to Sterling Sharpe and is having a huge season so far for WVU with 10 TDs and 600+ Yards receiving already. The reason Bailey will fall this far is because of his size but don't be fooled he has a very strong frame and could be a game breaker in the slot position.

4th Round, 124th Overall Pick, Dion Simms, TE, MSU, 6'5, 285 LBs. Don't let Simms weight fool you. He is way more athletic then any 285 LB man should ever be. Simms is a very high potential player his size and speed (4.5) combo makes him un-coverable at times. However Simms needs to work on his hands and route running. Simms also has a felony charge on his record for being a part of a computer theft ring but seems to have stayed clean off the field since. At this point Atlanta has a strong enough locker-room to take a chance with a high potential player like Dion Simms.

5th Round, 156th Overall Pick, Steve Greer, M/ILB, UVA, 6'2 230 LBs. Greer is a great pick in my mind in round 5 due to his ability to blitz, stop the run, and cover. He is very good in coverage and managed to keep up with Penn State's WRs on several plays when I watched him. Greer has also been a constant force in run defense and gets in on a lot of tackles. Greer would give the Falcons a quality back up at MLB and make 3-4 looks much more viable.

6th Round, 188th Overall Pick, Kenny Tate, OLB, Maryland, 6'4 230 LBs. The Athletic Kenny Tate started out safety originally for the Terrapins but didn't have the hips to play there so he was moved to OLB where he has found some success.The athletic Tate is a project player but gives Atlanta more needed depth at the LB position.

7th Round, 220th Overall Pick, Dennis Johnson, RB, Arkansas, 5'9 213 LBs. I have a huge man crush on Dennis Johnson. He is fast with great acceleration and a hard nosed runner with a lot of power who is tough to bring down. The reason he is falling is due to the fact he is horribly under-utilized at Arkansas. He could easily be a feature back in the NFL.

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You expect them to fall into the 2nd? There's no way that's happening, and I don't see them drafting a CB with their 1st round pick considering how badly they need a WR.

Amerson maybe, he has not played well so far this year.

I don't think Poyer will go as high as some think.

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Yea i can see Poyer falling to us in the 2nd round... I see Poyer has won you over.. I remember in my earlier mock.. You said i took him to early in the 2nd round..... But i agree... Dude would fit nicely in Coach Nolans scheme.

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I'd love to trade our first for an early 2nd and early 3rd.

2a. Dion Jordan, DE

2b. Jordan Poyer, CB

I will go ahead and say these two guys will be great NFL players, especially with Nolan at the helm. JBO has been dead on about them

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Thanks, I wanted to change this up and see if I could make some Bellicheckian trades that worked out.

Well they def work. Logan, Cooper, Poyer, Bailey, and Sims are all players that have potential to be great at the next level. Dennis Johnson is also vastly underrated, off the top of my head he reminds me of a thinner, more athletic Turner.

I do like the players but my thing with DT is that we have a few solid players already and yeah it would be nice to get another, but we would have to sacrifice a late first/early second to grab one that is good. There is not many good DTs in this draft.

For me I believe DL should be addressed first. I'd rather have DE personally just because outside of Kroy and Abe, we are very under staffed talent wise. Massaqoui is the only young player with upside to possibly start. I have lost faith in Sidbury, Matthews, and Edwards in the pass rush department.

Good job again though

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