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We Really Got To Worry About The Saints.


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Jarvis Jones or Matt Barkley might give us problems

Don't leave out that EJ Manual kid from fSU he has all the tool to me he's a much more polished Cam Newton doesn't run as much but can

**** I hope the saints win today and drop the packers to 1-3 as well the Falcons are 4-0 and the saints will either be 1-3 or 0-4 either one still a huge whole when the Falcons have a pretty soft schedule remaining.

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Refs just ruled Graham had a catch.

I don't think the refs have any bias I just think they literally suck. ******** why can't this billion dollar industry get some professional refs? Blows my mind

Also is it me or did we get a free timeout at the end of our game after the kick-off after Bryant got the field goal? 5 seconds left and carolina's about to snap it and smith runs out on the field for a timeout but remember we didn't have any for our drive Down the field for the game-winning field goal?

Media gave the replacement refs **** for that, but probly won't for these guys. ******* hate refs if you can't tell lol they suck

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