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Maybe Next Time Dont Talk About How Bad A Team Is Before We Play Em


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Very Superstitious..... writing on the wall...... very superstitious.... plus the fact the dome was half empty and dead till the last 2 minutes

LOL.. im just messin with ya BlueMan.. chill

Well ok, cause I was about to say that we're going to Dukes the skins 41-0.

...not really, that will be a tough game as well.

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If you talk smack about your opponent before playing them you only risk looking like a fool, which is your prerogative. It's not like it'll effect the game. That said, I do have to retract a few things I said before the game. Totally didn't expect the Panthers to play like that.

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"The raiders suck, we will kill them" "Skins are terrible, we will win 42-7" Please STFU with that garbage..

Why? I stated my reasons for confidence. In the end, it was as I had suspected.

If you expect to whoop the 9ers, that is arrogant. If you expect to beat the Panthers...you better. If you don't expect to beat them you don't believe in your team.

All we said was true. The one thing they had going was the pass rush, but they didn't cover well. Most all who were confident cited their lack of ability to cover or stop the run. Why did it go our way? They couldn't cover or stop the run.

No only that, their coach went cold when he should have been bold. Given the choice between giving Cam a chance to win it with one yard, or punt it to Ryan, he punted.

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