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Chat With Pat Yasinskas: Sept. 28


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Chat with Pat Yasinskas

Torris (ATL)

Pat, what is your love-fest with Cam Newton? Before the season, you rated him OVER Matt Ryan for whatever reason, and swore he would become an elite QB, and now when he is struggling you throw all the blame on his defense?! Cam was 16-30 for 242 yards, 1 TD, and 3 Interceptions. The turnovers he causes puts his already weak defense in horrible position, yet CAM IS NEVER at fault. The year before that you also swore that Josh Freeman was elite, and that he would be better than Matt Ryan? I'm sure you won't be hired as a GM anytime soon.

Pat Yasinskas (1:03 PM)

What you say I said about Cam vs. Ryan is true. I did rank him slightly ahead of Ryan in my NFC South top 25. But I'm pretty sure I never said Freeman was better than Ryan or would be better than Ryan.

Michael (SC)

After seeing all the teams in training camp does anything surprise you so far with the production of the teams?

Pat Yasinskas (1:06 PM)

Hmm, good question. I'd say the defensive struggles by Saints and Panthers are surprising. Pleasant surprise has been Tampa Bay's defense. I guess I'd also say I'm pleasantly surprised by Atlanta's defense. I thought it would be improved, but it's better than I expected.

Al (Atlanta, GA)

Love the blog keep up the great insight! Im a Falcons fan, should I be happy that the Falcons dont get that much media spin considering how they are playing lights out football? And is it just me or does anybody else (Former Qb's and analyst) notice the Matt Ryan is quietly the best QB thus far this season?

Pat Yasinskas (1:08 PM)

You sure this isn't Mike Smith? He doesn't like getting too much attention! But, hey, you play like that, you're going to get attention. As for Ryan, I think people are definitely noticing. His name already is coming up in MVP conversations. I know it's early. But, so far, he's been pretty close to perfect.

Karl (Valdosta, GA)

Hey Pat, I loved the article about the Falcons having faith in Baker and sticking with him. So far, he has played great and if he keeps it up Falcons will have a very good shot at making the playoffs and making a run through them. I think the same could be said about Falcons having faith in DeCoud and sticking with him. He's certainly had his rough patches, but it seems like he is ready to flourish in Nolan's system!

Pat Yasinskas (1:10 PM)

Yeah, DeCoud and William Moore are both playing very well right now.

Jamel (Richmond,Va)

What is biggest obstacle for Falcons versus the Panthers?

Pat Yasinskas (1:11 PM)

Not having a letdown after playing a Monday night game, having a short week and traveling cross country for the San Diego game.

Lee (ATL)

Pat any word on the return of Corey Peters? Will he play this season?

Pat Yasinskas (1:12 PM)

Been quiet on that front. I'll try to check on that when I'm in Atlanta on Sunday.

Trey (Valdosta, GA)

Any chance you think the Falcons finish up 16-0?

Pat Yasinskas (1:13 PM)

Let's relax a little bit. It's still very early.

Jeremy (Chicago, IL)

Pat, do you think Michael Turner gets rolling this week against the Panthers and their 27th ranked run defense?

Pat Yasinskas (1:14 PM)

Pretty good chance of that.

Tom (ATL)

Hate to bring up this question so darn early, but with Sam Baker playing well, do you see the Falcons looking to extend his contract or still replace him with the 32nd pick next year? (see what I did there?)

Pat Yasinskas (1:16 PM)

I see what you did. I think they have to wait to make sure he keeps playing this way.

Andre (Macon)

If Atlanta's defense plays this well all year, do you see the falcons resigning Brent grimes?

Pat Yasinskas (1:19 PM)

Could be a challenge. They're not going to have a lot of cap room. But not sure Asante is going to be around forever.

A-Town (Birds)

You posted my peria jerry question but didn't answer it...c'mon man!

Pat Yasinskas (1:25 PM)

I told you there was a technical issue. On my end, your question wasn't posting. It's resolved now. Think Jerry has done pretty well. Pleasant surprise. Falcons weren't expecting a lot out of him, but it looks like his knee might finally be at full strength.

John (ATL)

I have to admit I thought Tony G. would have a little bit of a down year with Julio and Roddy. Why do you think he's been playing so well?

Pat Yasinskas (1:27 PM)

I think Roddy and Julio have a lot to do with Tony's success so far. They're pulling most of the defensive attention and he's getting good matchups.

CC (Atlanta)

How's that Curtis Lofton signing working out for the Saints? Yeah, he's a real difference maker!

Pat Yasinskas (1:31 PM)

He's been the least of their problems. He's done his job. But I think it's also obvious the Falcons let him go because he's not a difference maker.

David (New York)

How long until Matt Ryan surpasses Drew Brees as the best QB in the NFCS?

Pat Yasinskas (1:34 PM)

Depends how you look at it. Through three games, no doubt Ryan's been fantastic. But Brees has a pretty impressive resume going back for a long time. Don't think you can just forget about that all of the sudden.

Karl (Valdosta, GA)

Do you think Tony G. can get to 100 TDs in Sunday's game against the Panthers? He needs two scores.

Pat Yasinskas (1:35 PM)

At least a possibility.

Brandon (Arkansas)

David....never. Brees has put together one of the greatest QB performances in football history dating back to '06. Ryan will need to string together 5+ years of greatness to even equal Brees.

Pat Yasinskas (1:37 PM)

Agree with most of that. However, I think it is possible Ryan could string together 5+ years of greatness.

CC (Atlanta)

So was Lofton playing "great" when Charles busted out 220 on that D? Sorry... I thought MLB's were expected to prevent that. Maybe the Saints were only playing with 9-10 guys on D.

Pat Yasinskas (1:41 PM)

Again, point is Lofton has been least of their defensive problems. He's never been spectacular, but is solid. They've got no other LBs and a bad d-line.

Shannon Falcon_Fan_4_Life (Sav GA)

Hey is turner's and the other Running Backs Lack of prodcution in the running game the O line not making holes or on the RB's

Pat Yasinskas (1:47 PM)

Think it has more to do with the fact that Falcons now have more of a passing offense.

Sharell (NCFalconFan)

As a Falcon Fan, we were exhausted from listening to commentators and sAINTS fans on letting Lofton leave and sign with a division rival. As PY stated in an article and what everyone know see is that he is not a difference maker, rarely makes a play when needed and sAINTS overpaid for him. I would also like to add that the Eagles and Bucs also passed on him.

Pat Yasinskas (1:49 PM)

Not sure Saints even overpaid for him. Probably paid him about what he's worth. He was looking for a lot more than that at start of free agency, but nobody was stepping up. Believe Atlanta's offer to keep him was pretty close to what Saints gave him. But his feelings were hurt and he couldn't go back to Atlanta.

Cameron (Winston-Salem, NC)

Chances Jacquizz carries the ball more than Turner by the end of the season?

Pat Yasinskas (1:51 PM)

Not sure Rodgers will end up with more carries than Turner. But I think his number of carries will continue to gradually increase as season goes on.

Shannon Falcon_Fan_4_Life (Sav GA)

Have you heard if Tony G. Might play one more with the way R. White and J. Jones are pulling coverage away from him. He seems to be having so much fun out there ( along with the Whole team)?I was nervus of him coming back this year and not having anything left but he looks great this year!!!!!!!!

Pat Yasinskas (1:53 PM)

As I wrote when Tony said he was 95 percent sure this would be his last year, I think that's very much subject to change. I think he easily could go another year -- if he wants to.

EastEndBoy (DC)

Should the Bucs be following the Falcons game plan - On D ATL plays 2 LBS cause that's what they have and on O they pass cause that's what they have. Should the Bucs play 3 DL with AC out, and should they pass to get their best player VJax in the game?

Pat Yasinskas (1:52 PM)

Not sure it's wise to switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4 in the middle of a season. But, offensively, they absolutely should pass more.

CC (Atlanta)

One reason ATL only plays 2 LBs all the time is they haven't trailed in any game yet.

Pat Yasinskas (1:55 PM)


Tom (ATL)

The Falcons have the Eagles, Cowboys then Saint after their Bye. Which of these do you see creating the biggest challenge for the Falcons?

Pat Yasinskas (1:59 PM)

Probably Eagles, but not sure what they're all about yet and what kind of shape they'll be in by that time.

CP (Brooklyn, NY)

Think Akeem Dent gets his most playing time this week because the Panthers will run the ball? What say you PY?

Pat Yasinskas (2:00 PM)

At least early on, I think that's a possibility.

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