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The Wife Is Kicking Rc's Butt!


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After 3 weeks of THE Wife picking against the spread and challenging all comers in the RC, well, she's running away with it. The following has a few of us that have picked all 3 weeks, a few that have done a couple and a few that only did one week. Unless interest wanes, my plan is to go all season and go with % correct as long as you played at least 12 weeks (so it's ok if you want to start now or if you've missed a week.

3 Weeks

THE Wife = 29-17-1

WFW = 20-26-1

Bart2Ryan = 20-26-1

1st&420 = 18-27-1

2 Weeks

SSK = 16-15-1

Dirty Dealin = 15-16-1

Joremarid = 12-19

1 Week

Bradael = 10-5

CNasty = 9-7

Dago 3.0 = 8-8

Dr. Do Itch Big = 4-11

I'll post the spread for Sunday's games tomorrow and I'm going to skip all Thursday games for the rest of the year (except Thanksgiving). Thanks for playing!

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