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Ok Who Watches Adultswim Here?


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And whats the best show? I like Robot Chicken and Squidbillies myself. I keep meaning to catch that new NCIS knock off but havent caught it. Watched the Childrens hospital in spots. Wasnt too impressed.

I don't watch tv much anymore, but robot chicken and ATHF were my favorites.

Lookup robot chicken and homonyms(sp?)

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It is definitely on decline, and has been for some time.

Aqua Unit Patrol squad proved to be an absolute failure, and Mary Shelley's Frankenhole is the biggest flop Ive seen in some time.

Mob squad or whatever is terrible also.

Robot Chicken is more miss than hit these days.

Squidbillies is still decent.

Black Dynamite is garbage.

The best show on there now is China,IL. I LOVE that show!!!

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I've also enjoyed China, IL. I liked Frankenhole, too, but I get the impression that I'm in a very tiny minority.

Frankenhole was made by the same guy who made Moral Orel. I'm sure my dislike for it was based on me thinking it was going to be great in the moral orel way.

I forgot about Frankenhole. Superjail was ok once in awhile. Hey Julian can you read Farsi?


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Any Idea what this says? The first line is numbers. The second is words.


Impressive. That looks hand engraved.

The writing on the bolt next to the lion and sun emblem appears to be a serial number


The writing is a personal message...Id wager it says what you wanted it to say except in Farsi. You ordered it from Persian vendors? Must have costed a fortune!

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