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Can These Teams Help Us This Week?

Tandy Gossett

Pick Em  

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  1. 1. Jets 2-1 beat 49ers 2-1 @ NY?

  2. 2. Skins 1-2 beat Bucs 1-2 @ Tampa?

  3. 3. Pack 1-2 beat Taints 0-3?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Want Taints to make Pack 1-3
    • Want Pack to make Taints 0-4

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The Falcons have scored 31points the past 3 times we've played the Panties, and the Panties have scored 10-17-23 which is an increase of 7 points per game. So if history dictates this looks like a 31-30 win for the Falcons. I doubt the game will be that close but just thought that was an interesting fact.

Can these other teams help us move higher up in the Standings given we Win on Sunday.

Last Question is Multiple Choice.

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How does the Jets losing help us?? You guys are crazy, I want to see the niners lose. Their defense scares the **** outta me. I would not want to see them in the playoffs.

Not to mention, their run game is pretty good, and we are struggling against the run.

I don't believe they are wanting the 49ers to Win the question was "Do you think they can win?" so they are saying that they believe the Jets will lose at home. I don't want to play the 49ers. They are the only team ATM that I'm scared to face.

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Guest Negatorris

I think San Fran loses in NY, I think the Bucs win at home, and I think the Pack wins at home although I'd rather the Pack have another loss because I think we'll take care of the Saints ourselves.

San Fran is definitely not losing to NYJ.

Mark Sanchez last week:

21-45 302 Yards 1 TD 2 INT

And that was against the Dolphin's defense. They also don't have Revis anymore. I see Vernon Davis going off again,

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