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Refs Come To Agreement !


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The NFL reached an agreement with the NFL Referees Association late Wednesday to end the referee lockout, according to a league source.

Earlier Wednesday, the league and referees agreed to create a developmental program as a compromise to the NFL's demand for the addition of 21 officials to the current contingent of 121 NFLRA members, per an NFLRA source. The pool of money for the existing officials also will remain the same.

The developmental officials will be mentored by the existing crews and will be assigned to work with them during the week. The developmental officials will not be NFLRA members, will not work games and will not be eligible to be subbed in initially.

But eventually, as they improve and reach the standards to be NFL officials, they will be considered for NFLRA membership. As that happens, the financial pool for officials will be adjusted accordingly.

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I think there will be an influx of calls period as everyone gets reacclimated to the real refs. No more craziness and the small fights going on.

It will be better, the game will be more fluid, and less confusion

That said, it will take a little while for the refs to get adjusted. I just got tired of everyone acting like the old refs were so perfect. The feigned outrage was beyond annoying. People acted like there was never a game lost on a bad call.

I want to see all officiating held accountable by the media like the replacement refs were.

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guys quit your bitching! Seriously, the replacements sucked, and it would have been just a matter of time that a bad call would have screwed us as bad or if not worse than they have screwed other teams, or worse still, someone would have eventually got hurt or crippled due to the replacements not doing their jobs right. I hate all referees equally, but I'd rather have the real ones around more than the replacement jackoffs

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