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Week 4


Chris Owens

Michael Palmer (officially out for game)

Lousaka Polite

Antone Smith


Jonathan Babineaux

Tyson Clabo

Julio Jones

Stephen Nicholas

Mike Peterson

Nic seemed a bit slower last week (after being listed on the report) - hopefully he's healing.

Hopefully Polite can go otherwise Snelling will see lots of FB reps (as we are down a TE anyway)

Babs is new but Roddy, Spoon and Abe have all dropped off from last week.

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Overall, not too ugly. I'd like to see Owens get back to practice. Everything I've read on here assumes it was a concussion, but has there been anything official since the original "head injury" indication when he came out of the Denver game?


The report says head. So I would think its a concussion.

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The report says head. So I would think its a concussion.

Thanks. You'd think someone would come out and say "concussion". Maybe not in the injury report but in a press conference or something. I guess I should be used to this from the Smith regime. I completely understand it from a coaching perspective, and deep down I'm glad they are as tight-lipped as they are, but man it's frustrating as a fan.

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He has been in concussion protocol from last week. Hopefully, he will be back soon.

Cool. I hope he's back soon. I love the way the secondary has been playing, but with the amount of nickel we're playing, we could really use more quality depth. We have to go through a lot of quality QBs this year.

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