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Espn Nfl Power Rankings Week 4

Tony Diesel

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I think they got it correct. The Texans match us at QB, are very good at WR, better that us at RB, and block better in the run game. Their defense is more traditionally strong, but we are quicker and more disruptive.

These are the two teams that have been "almost there" for the last 3 years. Would not suprise me one tiny bit to be facing Shaub and company in the Saints living room eating their food come the end of the season.

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Aint's #28

Nothing like a game against the ticked-off Packers to brighten the mood. (Sando)

Season DONE!!!


Nice pic...it's funny - I started a thread doing this same thing making fun of them being 0-3 and Buc 3.0 and another poster got their panties all tied in knots saying "I need to show respect", "that's why no one cares about you blah blah Falcon fans", "do you know what a Taint is w/o looking it up", called me a troll and everything playing fan cop on me lol.

Like them nitwits are surprised a Falcon fan is overjoyed his rival (who have been tormenting this msgb FOREVER) season is going up in flames.

Where are they now? Hopefully in N.O. getting drunk with their favorite fans crying a river...lmao


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