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Police: Falcons’ John Abraham Lived In Building Where He Was Arrested


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Police: Falcons’ John Abraham lived in building where he was arrested

By Alexis Stevens

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Officers told Atlanta Falcon John Abraham several times to stay behind the yellow crime tape. But he insisted he lived in the building and refused to move, leading to his arrest, according to a police report released Tuesday.

Abraham, 34, was arrested Monday night and charged with two counts of obstruction for allegedly interfering with officers and firefighters called to a 17th Street building, where a woman threatened to jump from a 13th floor balcony, Atlanta police said.

“I walked over to the male and asked him to simply move behind the tape and clear the scene for his safety,” the police report states. “The male argued with me, stating that he lived at the location and that he owned three condos there.”

An Atlanta firefighter and an Atlantic Station security guard also asked Abraham to stand behind the crime tape, according to police.

Abraham was “obviously intoxicated,” the arresting officer wrote in the report.

“He had a strong odor of alcohol beverage coming from him, his speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot and he was unsteady on his feet,” the report states.

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