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Roddy White


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At the age of 30, how much longer do you see him playing?

He has been extremly consistant over the past 5 seasons. He stays in great shape & he hardly misses any games.

Can he be like Tony & play into his late 30's?

I hope he retires with multiple rings plus 1 Superbowl MVP at the age of 35 after signing a final 1-2 year deal with us and then goes into the RoH.

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There have been plenty of great receivers in their early to mid 30's.

Randy Moss is 35. Hines Ward is 36. Chad Johnson is 34. Steve Smith is 33. Reggie Wayne is 33. Santana Moss is 33. Andre Johnson is 31. TJ Houshmandzadeh is 36. Plaxico Burress 35. Anquan Boldin is 31.

Some of these guys are not playing now - but were up through last year.

Terrell Owens is 38 years old.

Jerry Rice was 42.

Art Monk was 38.

Depends on injuries, conditioning and genes I guess. No reason he can't play til his mid - maybe even late 30's.

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