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Best Super Bowl Match Up For Falcons



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  1. 1. Best Super Bowl matchup for Falcons

    • Pats
    • Steelers
    • Texans
    • Denver
    • Oakland
    • Other

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Think positive. The falcons are clearly the best team in the NFL and it is time we act like it.

Manning would be easy, but I want to see what the experts say when Matt destroys the best defense in the League. Bring on the Texans.

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I voted the Texans as I believe that IF they are the other BEST team in the NFL then that should be the showpiece SB. The fact that if we were victors over them or the best other team then there wouldn't be any doubt that we won it by being anything but the best team in the season.

I know many of you feel aggreived that Falcons don't get the respect that they deserve through the media - however that probably won't change much until we overcome the second season hurdle. Whatever follows I am sure that we know that this is by far the best Falcons team we have possibly ever seen - and that is good enough for me, all the media circus can go and take evasive action!!!

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New York in Divisional, Green Bay in NFCG, Broncos in Super Bowl IN NEW ORLEANS!!!!

Retribution all around!!

This. If we make it there, and that is still a big if right now, I want the Packers to play us in Atlanta again, but this time, we make halftime adjustments and we win.

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I don't understand the "calm down we're only 3 weeks in" talk. Should we be discussing now, how we're not going to make it to the playoffs because we lose the next 13 games in a row?

Should all of our threads be about what we are or are not going to do against the Panthers?

Are you guys so superstitious that you think talking about the possibilities will ruin our season?

These "calm down" posts are just like the " Hey we need to stop celebrating on the board and focus on the next opponent"

I'm a "fan"atical towards this team and as of this moment we shouldn't really care if we can talk about who we might face off against in the superbowl because as of right now none of you would trade shoes with a saints fan and having to talk about what they're talking about.

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