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Clay Matthews Just Posted Goodell's Number On Fb

All Day

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You want your voice to be heard? Give NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a call at his direct line. Here is his phone number: (212)-450-2027.

Goodell’s phone number was leaked about by Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, clearly frustrated after the blown call by the replacement referees during Monday night’s 14-12 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Matthews tweeted it out of frustration but the tweet has been subsequently deleted.

However, thanks to Twitter, you can now find it plastered if you search for it. It works too. Some have gotten through and some have gotten a busy signal but I am sure that Goodell now knows how the fans are taking this game among others with the replacement referees that Goodell issued for this season during the labor dispute the owners and previous seasons’ referees are having.

A crucial call in the final seconds of the game between the Packers and the Seahawks ultimately determined the outcome of the game. The confusion that surrounded both the ref that made the touchdown call on the field and the ref that made a touchback call on the field was outstanding. Packers cornerback M.D. Jennings came down, with the ball in his hands before Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate can wrap his hands around the ball.

The ruling on the field was a touchdown and thus a simultaneous catch which cannot be reviewed by the officials.

A great game ruined by a poor call.

However, fans, players and coaches have all made their voices heard through Twitter and now through Goodell’s phone. Change is imminent.

Read more at http://www.rantsport...5v10RMZVp4eY.99

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Im loving this, falcons are undefeated and everybody is pissed at goodell

You know what? I don't care if the "real refs" comeback or not. Why? Because for years I've seen calls go in favor of the "NFL good old boys".......by that I mean the Packers, Pats, Aint's,Giants..etc. For once I feel like the playing field is fair. And it's so crazy how so many people jump on the consensus bandwagon about the refs......knowing that the "real refs" have missed big calls many times.

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How abt someone call the old refs the greedy ones for a change. Who expects a FULL pension yet only wants to continue to work a part time six figure job? I'll tell you...these refs. Take your raise and your 401K and like it if you still want to put in the same few hours you put in now.

Who cares if the refs are greedy doesn't affect us in any way... we don't care how much profit the NFL makes

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