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Looks Like Our Vets Are Smart

Tandy Gossett

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The way to get a day off from practice? Get Arrested ... I still don't understand why they would arrest Abe ... I guess they needed the money since that's all the police are good for ... So I expect him to be released soon, then fined ... Move along

He was released almost immediately.

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Apparently the fans think its funny

Nobody thinks it's funny. We think it's probably blown out of hand.

Like I said - if you had the week these Falcons have had - then had to leave the game last night - probably after everyone showered and interviews - it was what? Midnight our time or later? Then they get on the bus - then a plane and fly back across the country.

Then they won't let him get into his own home?

Come 'on man - he was probably too insistent because he was drained completely from this past week, hurting everywhere you can possibly hurt and dead tired. 2 games in 6 days - and cross country travel.

I'm not judging him.

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I learned from something I got arrested for Saturday....police here are ******* losers and look for anything

APD used to be really cool back in the day. As long as you didn't rape, rob, or kill someone, they'd let you walk. The city has been cleaned up a lot so they now arrest people for small petty stuff. Back then, they didn't have the space in the pre-trail jail on Peachtree, or Rice Street to hold small offenses. When Cabbage Town, Vine City, The Bluffs, Techwood, Grady Homes, and Renyolds Town was cleaned up, things changed. Now those neighborhoods have been bought out by developers, the houses restored, and sold to first time home buyers. It's hard to believe how much some of those neighborhoods have changed in the past 12-15 years.

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