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Rival Central Eliminator Challenge Week Four


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Let me share a tale. A tale of a boy, who against all odds, some how...

some way.. fought his way through the struggles of the dammed life he was given. Born without a mother, his way was clouded with confusion, and a hopelessness that would bring any man... any normal man.. to submission.


This child.. this child counted out since day one, survived on the streets of Vancouver, learning the trade of thievery and deception as a member of the feared canadian gang, the "Flippers". He began to hate the life delt to him. One night, one ..fateful evening.. caught up in his own desperation, he attempted to take his own life. Screaming "fook it" into the night.. but out of grief, hope is born.

friends, that hope, is what we know here as


Like daggers his picks pierce the hearts of his foes, sending them into the dark brink of elimination.



and as he watches his competition fall victim, their bodies decorating the grass which borders the road he walks to victory.. again..

again my friends, he senses doubt. He was meant to fail, they whisper to themselves..

and to those who doubt them.. he smiles, reaching for his dagger


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