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Matt Ryan's "freeze" Td Celebration

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After talking to my brother, who is a loyal Green Bay fan, he suggested that Matt Ryan should have a TD celebration. He admitted the Falcons look for real. And he understands that Ryan doesn't make many TD's himself, however he is orchestrating some great drives. So as Rodgers has his "DoubleCheck" Ryan should have a "Freeze" each time he delivers a TD.

I say Roddy should start by catching a TD and suddenly "Freeze" in the end zone. The Ice Man strikes again! Then Julio catches a TD and he and Roddy just "Freeze" in the end zone. The Ice Man strikes again! That would be so cool!!


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I like the "been there, done that" attitude ala Barry sanders... If I ever saw ryan doing "the freeze" down 3 tds I'd be jumping in my time machine to perform an abortion...

I remember jerry Rice saying he never liked dancing after a TD. He said he didn't understand people jumping around like idiots. Just get in, hand the ball to the official and act like its a natural thing. Act like you've been there so often it's no big deal. Super cool

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Gets Matt to give an assists to tony gonzalez for a jump shot through the goal post

He did. Didn't you see in the game against KC? He went and got the ball - put it in Tony's hand and egged him on to dunk it - even pointing at the goal post. He was definitely "assisting" (lol)

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