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Just Reviewed The Den @ Atl 9-17-12 Game

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-Won a Monday Night game in impressive fashion

-Cone good special teams tackle

-Jelly records first ever big butt tackle

-3rd down pic with nice return by WillyMo

-Turner over the top for his first TD of 2012

-Spoon sacks Manning on blown play

-Jelly gets a hurry and DeCoud gets a pick on 2nd and 11

-15 yard pass to TonyG on 2nd and 14 for a FD

-Bosher still boshin kicks

-Bryant is still perfect on both FGs and XPs

-WillyMo tackle for no gain in amoeba defense

-Great read and pick by McClain. Yall like him yet?

-Nic gets a TFL on Knowshon

-Asante good tackle after neck injury

-Davis good special teams tackle

-WillyMo and Spoon tackle McGahee for 2 yard gain

-Nic forces fumble on Knowshon that Spoon recovers

-3rd and 7 scramble by Ryan plus a personal foul

-Roddy breaks two tackles to convert a FD

-Ryan boots right and hits Roddy for a FD on 3rd and 7

-Near pick by WillyMo

-TonyG 16 yard post for a FD on 2nd and 15

-I think I saw Capitalist with a WillyMo jersey on. Dude stays on TV

-Good scramble by Ryan who hits TonyG for a FD on 3rd and 2

-Nice shotgun run stop by Spoon and Vance

-Pressure by Vance and tackle by Beirmann on 3rd and 2 to get off the field

-Boot right Ryan to HD for 9 yards

-Roddy beats double team on back shoulder throw for a FD

-TonyG stick route for 15 yards and a FD

-Ryan two step shotgun throw to HD for 9 yards and a first and goal

-Play action to TonyG for another TD and slam dunk

-Big hit on Decker by Asante

-WillyMo PD on 3rd and 1 to get off the field

-WillyMo pop on Bay Bay in the end zone

-Nice PD by Dunta on Stokley in the end zone

-Vance handles RG and sacks Forehead

-9 yard out to TonyG for a FD on 3rd and 7

-Boot right 11 yard pass to TonyG for a FD

-Good tackle by Asante on Bay Bay for one yard gain

-Franks gets hit on Forehead

-Abe gets a hit on Forehead that should have been intentional grounding

-Play action pass to HD for 8 yards. Good block by Turner

-Play action slant to Roddy for 21 yard explosive play and a FD

-Crossing route to Roddy for a 20 yard explosive play and a FD

-Roddy wide open on 4 yard out for a TD

-Good coverage and PD by Dunta on Bay Bay

-3rd and 1 TFL by Spoon to get off the field

-Nice PD on Ball by Spoon

-Nice PD by Nic on Dreessen

-Good tackle by Nic for no gain

-WillyMo blitz sack on Forehead

-Babineaux gets sack on the Head

-Key 3rd down conversion to Julio on 3rd and 5

-15 yard run by Turner to seal the deal. Good blocks by Clabo, Polite and TonyG

-Won explosive play battle 2 to 1

-Hick'ry Stick nominees Ryan, Roddy, TonyG, WillyMo, Spoon, Nic. I vote for WillyMo


-Brooking forces fumble on Turner at the goal line

-Peyton hard counts Abe offside

-Blalock negates nice 7 yard run by Turner with a penalty

-Julio drops a TD

-Offense settles for three after DeCoud pick

-Nolan burned on Crisp blitz for 9 yards

-Jelly, Nic and Beirmann turned in on 15 yard run by McGahee

-Asante hurts neck, Abe hurts knee and Crisp hurts head

-14 yard bubble to Bay Bay for FD on DeCoud

-Reynolds misses block on screen to Turner who gets popped by Miller

-Sid, Nic and Vance sealed on 30 yard shotgun run by McGahee

-Polite misses block. Turner held to 2 yards

-TonyG drops a 3rd down catch for a FD

-Ray Ray gets a personal foul in the bench scrum

-Julio drops another pass

-Reynolds gets a false start penalty

-Quizz stopped for 1 yard gain

-Franks illegal contact penalty negates big hit by Asante on Decker

-Franks gets a defensive holding penalty

-Bay Bay toe taps Dunta for a TD

-Miller blows up TonyG and gets a TFL on Turner

-Julio was shut down

-McClure gets blown up Turner stopped for one yard gain

-Franks can't return regular season punts worth a dam

-Jelly offside

-Franks let punt roll to the 3 yard line

-Ryan nearly throws pick six to Porter a la IND 2011

-Dumervil hits Ryan after being half blocked by freakin HD? Please

-14 yard pass on DeCoud for a FD

-McGahee 7 yard run on shoddy run defense

-Ball wide open for 17 yard pass and a FD

-Asante gets a PI penalty

-Bay Bay 11 yard catch on Asante for a FD

-DeCoud missed tackle on McGahee on 6 yard run for a first and goal from the two

-McGahee a 2 yard TD run. No run defense

-Miller beats Clabo with a spin move to sack Ryan

-Bay Bay beats Franks for 14 yards and a FD

-18 yard pass to Decker on WillyMo for a FD

-Bay Bay beats Nic for 11 yards

-Check to Knowshon for 10 yards and a FD. Asante missed tackle

-McGahee 2 yard TD run on 4th and goal. Jelly and Spoon blown out


-8 freakin penalties

-Refs were turrible

-Got conservative in the fourth and almost let Forehead com back on us

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