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We Need To Be Able To Post More Than One Image Per Post Please!

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One of our favorite in-season topics was a look-a-like for the other team. We can't even do that anymore because we can only put one image per post.

If you want to quote someone and reply with an image - you can't do that anymore.

If you try to post news articles - you end up having to edit it 50 times to get the little images out.

Please, it is the most frustrating thing I've ever had to deal with on the boards. What you did to our sigs is bad enough. We have to cut, jab and alter them so much that we just give up, but to only have one image per post? That's beyond frustrating to the posters.

I don't know if you read these, but I hope you do. I assure you, everyone would appreciate having the ability to at least post 2 images so we can reply and do our look-a-likes.


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