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Are The Chiefs Just Horrible? Losing 21-0 To Buffalo.


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I saw the Chiefs as a decent team, an 8-8 to 9-7 type team, so the win by the Falcons had some meaning.

However, the Bills have held them to 0 points in the 1st half (while they marched up and down on us) and the Bills have rushed for nearly 150 yards in the first half (while the Falcons rush offense was stymied.)

Either way, it's a W, but I guess we'll see what the team actually has this week. Last week's win looks less impressive in light of the second week.

I look forward to seeing how it shakes out tomorrow.

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The Redskins beat the Saints at home. They must be way better than us too. Lol.

It doesn't mean everything (quality of opponent), but it mean something. If KC turns out to be a 2-14 team, then that win was less telling than if they turned out to be 14-2. All it means is we still really don't know what this year's team is made of. We'll have to see how they perform against decent teams. I'm personally excited, but we'll have to see how the OL and DL hold up against real teams.

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