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I See We Are Worried About The Wrong Team


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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

I think the Panthers are the top team to be worried about. Brees is 4 TD and 4 INT. not good. Freeman got good today only because of Jackson....if we had Jackson we would have had him in the top 10 WR's.

Cam threw a 2 INT and 1 TD in week one. but today he did not.....and he knows how to rush and puts up 300+ yards.

I'm not worried about any of these teams, but if I had to pick most concerned to least concerned it would be Panthers, Taints, Buccs

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I've learned that when it comes to Eli Manning and the Giants, don't count the game over until after 4th quarter. Eli is ridiculous in the 4th Q. He has 21 career comebacks in the 4th. 15 TDs in the 4th last year alone. That's no fluke.

I live near Tampa and some of my friends I saw the game with were going NUTS entering the 4th and I kept tellin em don't count out Eli till it's done and they were shocked when it was said and done

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