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Nfl Pulls Side Judge In Saints Panthers Game


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The guys name is Brian Stropolo. He is a NFL replacement referee who is also a Saints fan. He posted a comment on his FaceBook about todays game. He also posted pics of himself in full saints gear and tailgating at the SuperDome. If I remember correctly the Refs get their schedules monthly. He knew that he wasn't supposed to referee that game due to his fan affiliation. He posted a comment about todays game. I haven't seen the comment because NFL has made him delete his comments and remove the pictures of himself in saints gear. This guy was supposedly said something along the lines of its no way the Saints are losing today. Basically saying he was gonna be throwing flags in favor of New Orleans. This comment grabbed the NFL attention and Stropolo was quickly pulled from todays game.

My thing is if the guy wasn't so stupid to post this on his Facebook, then the Saints are basically given this game. The fans have always suspected refs given flags to certain players. This is a small but very important piece of evidence that games are "fixed". This makes me not want the "real" Refs. back in the league. After being a referee for so many years I'm sure you make friends with certain players. This brought me straight to Aaron Rodgers crying on tv last week about how bad the replacement officials are, and how they didn't give him the calls they were supposed to or they he used to get. Shout Out to Goodell for leveling out the playing field and letting the games by decided by the players.

Suck It Saints

P.S. Here's the guys Facebook if you wanna tell him to "do your job" or any other thing like that


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