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Nfcs Week 2


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Atlanta vs Denver - We have talked about every aspect possible in this game. Matt Ryan will show up with a ton of confidence after a dominate win on the road.

I have coming out with a 27 - 24 win. I think that sounds a bit low realistically. I really believe our Defense will step this game being at home in the dome.

NOLA @ Carolina - I don't personally care who wins this game. I feel that the Saints are still the bigger competition and it would favor us if they lost. I just think that you can't take Cam out of the equation as well. I've gone and read both teams sites and its pretty depressing on both sides.

I think NOLA wins 21 - 17.

Tampa @ New York - The Giants are going to come out angry and the Bucs will be on the wrong side of that. I think they played a decent game in week 1. I just cant see them beating the Giants at home.

I see New York winning 28 - 10.

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Atlanta vs Denver - a coin flip on a neutral field, but this field is far from neutral. Atlanta wins by 10.

NOLA @ Carolina - I like Carolina in this one. It takes a head coach to turn a team around from yet another disaster. The panties by 7.

Tampa @ New York - The sucs are a good year away from being a competent team. Unfortunately for them, that year was 2010. Ginats by 14.

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Guest Negatorris

It would definitely be a wonderful thing. I would love to go into Carolina on my birthday put the Panties to 1-4.

Carolina comes to the dome in week 4, so we can't make them 1-4. laugh.png

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