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Spoon/rw/clabo Hurting


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The Atlanta Falcons injury report lists a number of key players as the Falcons gear up for their Monday Night Football showdown with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Three of the four players listed on Friday's injury report are at the top of the depth chart, and the fourth is a backup for one of the three.

On offense, wide receiver Roddy White was limited with a groin injury. If Monday's game turns into a shootout, Matt Ryan is going to need all of his targets. Protection will also be key, making it all the more unfortunate that starting right tackle Tyson Clabo was limited with a hip injury.

On the defensive side of the ball, starting linebacker Sean Weatherspoon was limited in practice with a hamstring injury. To make things worse, backup linebacker Robert James was also limited.

With none of the players listed as out or as not participating in practice, their ability to play at full strength in Monday night's game is still uncertain. Atlanta will need a strong effort from anyone who can give one, whether it's their top performance or not.

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We will just have to hope and pray. I somehow missed the Roddy injury. That one was new to me. I dunno maybe I blanked it out. I vaguely remember something. This game is a game where it would nice to have everyone at 100% and show the world who we are. Its football and we deal with the injuries as they come. I pray they get better.

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If Spoon has a hamstring injury, we are F__KD. This is Bad. Real BAD.

Losing Grimes was one thing we *Might* Could overcome with Nolan's schemes. But Spoon playing with a bad Hamstring is like not having Spoon play at all.

This is NOT GOOD. Im Really Worried right now.

And to make it worse its a MNF Game, so the WHOLE WORLD gets to see our Defense get Torched?????

This Sucks

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Next man up.

Pete, Cone and Johnson.

We need rest.

Even if they all play we better be able to run the ball and stop the run.

Something we haven't done in months.

And for all the people that say we shouldn't ice Peyton because he can put up 31 in 26 minutes, WTF do you think he can put up in 32 minutes?

In all fairness we shut the He!! out of the Chiefs running game in the second half. Charles had like 75 by halftime and didn't even sniff 100. I will agree that we need to run the football though... at least enough to be able to stay ahead of the chains and keep the threat of play action. We just need to be able to get some stops, that's pretty much what the NFL has become anyway. Get enough stops to be able to outscore a team. We're gonna score, their gonna score and hopefully we end up on the happy side of that exchange.

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