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Karst41 Appology To Mr. Thomas Dimitroff


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Earlier this week I called out Thomas D about not making a move right away for another Corner Back.

Yes I knew that signing another player takes a few day to happen, but I unloaded both barrels anyway.

But to my supprise TD acted swiftly and signed a young player

who obviously has some skills, and we all know that 3 coaches were also involved in the player selection.

So to Mr Thomas Dimitroff, you have my sincere appology and also my gratitude for taking immeadiate action.



ps Gritz told me to wear a Sundress today, as an act of contrition.

If I could find one that fit I would.

Sorry about that, and oh btw.

Julio Jones is definately worth more than 4 draft picks.

We came out on top of that deal.

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Well, the "She-it" went 10-6 on her predictions last week.

Not bad. Especially for the hardest week to predict (besides Thanksgiving week, but that's a whole different animal).

I went 12-4 myself, only losing the Giants- Cowboys game from starting out in 1st place in my pick 'em league. (Dude who's in 1st is a Cowboys fan, so i call bullshz on that :P)

But her/his comment on the Falcons/Chiefs game makes me think she/it is none other than Swift him/her self.

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