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Somebody Here Is A Falcons Fan On The Sly


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suspense is killing me, who are you talking about and do you have evidence that this claim is true?

Sorry just got back home from a 2 hour class. What other proof do you need that he doesn't provide on a daily basis? His every post is about the falcons. The Giants is the team that the Bucs play next, but he's on the Broncos message board talking about the falcons. How many post do you truly see him post about the Bucs?







joe horn


At least they all want to be!


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I swear I remember him posting once that before TB had a team he was a falcon fan. My hand to gawd. He denied it later when I brought it up. I'll take his word that I was mistaken, but my memory is pretty sharp.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was. I just find it strange that he talks so much about the falcons. Other rivals talk about their teams, but how often does he talk about the Bucs?

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So we're talking about a supposed bucs fan that only starts thread or talks about the falcons and their fans. And he was on a Broncos site. Hmmm.

The butler in the kitchen with a candlestick!!!

I always sucked at this game. Who we talking about?

I thought we were talking about you, but then i remembered you're a philly fan

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