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Matt Ryan: Then And Now


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I had known Matt Ryan had a great second half last season but I never compared it to his previous numbers so I decided to look at Matt Ryan: Then and Now. Here are Ryan's career stats all the way through the Lions game in 2011. This is including the playoffs.

55 G, 1085-for-1777 (61.1%), 12,129 YDS (6.8), 78 TD, 46 INT - 85.3 QB Rating.

Those are pretty good numbers but nothing special. The Falcons went 37-18 (.673)

Here is Ryan's numbers starting with the Colts game last season.

11 G, 204-for-385 (62.3%), 2,992 YDS (7.8), 23 TD, 4 INT - 102.0 QB Rating.

Those are MVP type numbers. The Falcons have posted a 7-4 (.636) record in those games.

So while there has only been a slight improvement in Ryan's completion percentage his ypa has improved by a whole yard which is a lot of improvement. The fact that he's manage to improve both his completion percentage and yards per attempt while better his TD to INT ratio is something we should all be excited about.

I know there is some how this myth out there that Ryan has peaked or leveled off but I don't see how that can be the case when Sunday against the Chiefs was arguably the best game of Ryan's career.

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I think the Ypa has more to do with Julio in the WR core. Even with that said, what I've seen of him starting in preseason (I know its just preseason) and through the first game it looks like he has improved a lot from last year. I was a Mularkey supporter but the new scheme looks like it may suit ryan really well. We'll see if the success continues once there is more game film on this offense.

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