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The Long Awaited Ryan Vs Manning


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Since Matt Ryan has entered the league in 2008 he has been compared to Peyton Manning more times than not, even compared to Manning when it comes to "playoff choking" Manning eventually got his Super Bowl ring and won plenty of season MVPs

Some things to look at comparing the two QBs coming into the game on Monday night;

Peyton Manning is 87-36 playing in dome stadiums all time.

Matt Ryan is 26-4 at the GA Dome and has not has never lost a home opener.

Peyton Manning falls behind only the great Dan Marino with 47 game winning drives in his career.

Matt Ryan has 16 game winning drives in only a 4 year career.

Peyton Manning has 36 4th quarter come backs

Matt Ryan has 11 4th quarter come backs

Manning will be facing Ryan in a stadium that the Tennessee Volunteer faithful once welcomed Manning in, a day after the SEC Championship where the dome was filled with orange Manning jersies Peyton's rookie year.

Matt Ryan's first ever NFL pass was a 63 yard touchdown in that same building his rookie year, a year that Ryan led the Falcons to a 11-5 playoff run on a "rebuilding year" The Falcons have not had a losing season since.

Each coaching staff is familiar with one another.

Matt Ryan has led 9 4th quarter come backs and 10 game winning drives in the GA Dome.

There is a lot of similarities in the 2 QBs facing each other Monday Night and Ryan started the season in K.C. like this is his year to shine. Should be a very strategic game and with the coaches being familiar with one another i'm expecting more of a chess match than a shoot out, could come down to whatever QB has the ball in their hands last.

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Guest Negatorris

Playing the Patriots next season. That'll be his 1st game against Brady too right? This is the year that Matt needs to prove to ppl that he belongs in the class of the elite qbs.

Not his 1st time, but this game will be in the DOME! I'm pretty sure that will be a primetime game, and Ryan will have the chance to defeat another great in front of millions.

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matt played brady his in 09 during his sophmore slump in foxboro we started strong but tom brady vs chris houston and chris owens speaks for its self....

Yeah. Falcons hung with the Patriots for the first half. If memory serves it was either 10-10 at half or 10-3. It was close. But then in the second half, Brady did his thang.

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