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Julio's Dirty Bird

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I think Julio needs to look at old footage on the dirtybird. He has the form but his execution is below average. Time to call in Jamaal for coaching...

I hope it catches on because last time the dirtybird was in full affect we went to the superbowl. Need 1998 magic!!

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The thing I loved most about it was it showed Julio is PROUD TO BE A FALCON!

Not just some random touchdown dance, or one that is all about HIM, but the signature dance of the ATLANTA FALCONS...

It reminded me of the time we went to the Super Bowl, and Jessie Tuggle stating, "Right now, I'm just proud to be an Atlanta Falcon"

TEAM PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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His dirty bird was terrible. When you do the dirty bird you bounce back and forth and hitch your first arm downward then sideways, then do the same with the other arm, then start flapping. He didn't have his side to side bounce going and he just hitched his arms once. It was not a good effort lol.

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Love the Dirtybird, Julio just needs to put some more energy into it. And those saying we shouldn't do it because others will do it when they score on us is ********. Teams have been doing it since 98, whether we had someone on the team that did it or not. It isn't going to magically stop because we stop

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