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Trufant Island

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Dont know if anyone has posted this yet, but the Falcons jump to #6. Mke Sando comments on this team are, "Looks like the formerly run-oriented Falcons are officially Matt Ryan's team." Seems pretty accurate. We jumped up from #10. The Chiefs dropped from 17 to 19 and Ashley Fox had this comment, "The Chiefs' ballyhooed defense took a beating against Atlanta and will have to correct many mistakes against Buffalo." Not exactly sure what ballyhooed means, but we beat them up and I like it. She also said this about the #9 Broncos, "Was Peyton Manning really wearing a Broncos jersey? Looked like he could've been rocking the Colts' horseshoe. Impressive." They made a jump from 13. Finally, the Panties are now in 23, the Bucs are in 21 and the Aints have fallen from 11 to 16. The quoted of the day goes to Mike Sando. His take on the Aints opener, "New defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo must have felt he was still with the Rams." Seems pretty darn impressie if you ask me. hahaha

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