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Power Rankings Week 2


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heres Yahoo... will get the others as they become available

1. New England Patriots: 1-0

2. San Francisco 49ers: 1-0

3. Baltimore Ravens: 1-0

4. Green Bay Packers: 0-1

5. Denver Broncos: 1-0

6. Houston Texans: 1-0

7. Atlanta Falcons: 1-0

8. Dallas Cowboys: 1-0

9. Pittsburgh Steelers: 0-1

10. Philadelphia Eagles: 1-0

11. New York Giants: 0-1

12. Chicago Bears: 1-0

13. Detroit Lions: 1-0

14. San Diego Chargers: 1-0

15. Washington Redskins: 1-0

16. New Orleans Saints: 0-1

17. New York Jets: 1-0

18. Cincinnati Bengals: 0-1

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1-0

20. Carolina Panthers: 0-1

21. Tennessee Titans: 0-1

22. Arizona Cardinals: 1-0

23. Oakland Raiders: 0-1

24. Seattle Seahawks: 0-1

25. Minnesota Vikings: 1-0

26. Kansas City Chiefs: 0-1

27. Buffalo Bills: 0-1

28. Miami Dolphins: 0-1

29. St. Louis Rams: 0-1

30. Indianapolis Colts: 0-1

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: 0-1

32. Cleveland Browns: 0-1

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Showtimes top 5

1. New England Patriots (1-0)

The Patriots do not appear to be suffering from a hangover after losing in the Super Bowl. The defense looks vastly improved and Tom Brady is still dominant, despite the Tennessee Titans' attempts to get in his face.

2. Baltimore Ravens (1-0)

A rematch of last season’s AFC Championship game seems likely at this early stage in the season, as Baltimore’s no-huddle offense got off to a fast start. The defense looks to be just fine without Terrell Suggs, and the Ravens will be extremely tough once again this year.

3. San Francisco 49ers (1-0)

The 49ers undoubtedly have the NFL’s best defense after the unit shut down Aaron Rodgers. However, do not read too much into their offensive improvements until they play against a team that can defend better than the Packers.

4. Houston Texans (1-0)

The Texans proved why they are a popular pick to be in the Super Bowl. Along with the Ravens, Houston appears to be the most balanced team in the league.

5. Atlanta Falcons (1-0)

Julio Jones looks set for a fantastic year and the Falcon’s offense is truly dangerous. If the defense can keep causing turnovers without Brent Grimes, this team is a contender.

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CBS Sports Top 5

1 Patriots

If they get the running attack the rest of the way that they got against the Titans, they just might go 16-0.


They started slow against Miami, but it got cranked up in the second quarter. That defense was impressive.


The new-look offense is going to be a handful for a lot of defenses. Matt Ryan looks so much more comfortable.


Winning on the road at Green Bay is really impressive. Alex Smith shut some mouths -- including mine.


Joe Flacco and that up-tempo offense impressed against the Bengals. Can they keep it up?

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Chicago Tribune

Dan Pompei On the NFL

6:07 p.m. CDT, September 11, 2012

Last week's ranking in parentheses

1. 49ers (5): People don't want to believe this team can be this good with Alex Smith at quarterback. Believe it.

2. Patriots (3): This is what you call an overpowering offense.

3. Ravens (4): Joe Flacco was ready for prime time on Monday, and there isn't much to dislike about the Ravens.

4. Packers (1): OK, so they are not unbeatable, but it is way too soon to jump off any bandwagon that Aaron Rodgers is leading.

5. Falcons (11): Losing cornerback Brent Grimes is a big blow, but this offense might be able to compensate.

6. Texans (7): They did what they were supposed to do Sunday.

7. Bears (8): Could they be better than we thought? Tough to tell off their game against the Colts.

8. Broncos (15): Any more questions about Peyton Manning now?

9. Cowboys (20): As long as the opener against the Giants wasn't their Super Bowl, the Cowboys could build some momentum.

10. Giants (2): It wouldn't be a season if the Giants didn't dig themselves a hole.

11. Steelers (6): The new offense still might be feeling its way, but this is a good football team.

12. Lions (10): They are a better team than they showed in a close call against the Rams.

13. Redskins (25): Let's wait a couple of weeks before we present them with the Lombardi Trophy.

14. Saints (12): That ringing phone you heard was Sean Payton's agent calling asking for a raise when he comes back.

15. Chiefs (9): Losing to the Falcons at home was not as disturbing as the way in which the Chiefs lost.

16. Chargers (16): Once they get Ryan Mathews going, the Chargers could be dangerous.

17. Jets (21): Bart Scott may call for a mutiny of the Tribune power poll.

18. Eagles (13): Teams that are budding dynasties should not be squeaking out wins over the likes of the Browns.

19. Bengals (14): The Bengals still may be a good team, but it already seems pretty clear they aren't the best in the AFC North.

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