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Broncos Offense


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So basically we need a Peria Jerry breakout game? COME ON FOOTBALL GODS

Yea we do. I wouldn't be surprised for it to happen. He is good at opening up holes for a blitz to come through. We need Edwards to show something though. PFF gave him a solid grade, but he needs to make noise.

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You mean Demaryius. I know he has Peyton now, but to call him a monster has to include previous performance and it's not there to make that claim.

I agree. Dent is a question mark. It's time for him to make a name for himself. If he keeps the middle in check in the run game and at least pressures Peyton, he will suffice. He will play more than 11 snaps this week. I hope he is ready. Dent and Owens will be big talking points this week.

I think biggest ? with our defense is stopping the run if they establish the run early we are in big trouble I no Dent plays behind these guys but I think if the our DT's are stout at the point it makes it a whole lot easier for Dent to make a play on there RB if there OT's get push and get to the 2nd level I fear from what I have seen of Dent he gets lost in the wash and doesn't seem to be able to shed a block very well thats the bit that scares me the most if they get that established our DB's are history because Manning will have time and for the most part we'll get picked apart.

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