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The Falcons Will Dominate The Broncos


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I don't often make predictions. Every game is a toss up. That being said, I believe that the Falcons are going to follow up their week one win in similar fashion in week 2. I saw three things in week one that have me as confident as I've ever been as a Falcons fan.

1.) Matt Ryan was oozing confidence. He stood tall in the pocket, went through his progressions with haste, and made quick decisions. He looked like a man possessed. He stepped up in the pocket when there was pressure instead of getting happy feet. He had a fire he's been lacking since his rookie season. Anybody that questions his arm strength is just playing the agenda troll. There was plenty of zip on his throws, and he had zero trouble tossing bombs out there.

2.) The play designs were a thing of beauty. The wide receivers were wide open all day. The pick screens were amazing. Can you say YAC! There could be more sweeps/off tackle/misdirection runs than up the gut like we are used to, but Koetter is still feeling out the offense. I have faith that he will get the running game going. If Ryan and crew keep throwing the ball like that, then the running game will open up.

3.) Halftime adjustments. I can't recall ever seeing the defense adjust after halftime the entire time BVG was here. Talk about a tale of two halves. Mike Nolan is going to take this defense to new heights. He certainly has a great knowledge that will benefit this team. I was very impressed with the way the defense played after the half. They started blitzing, disguised it well, and made Cassel's life miserable.

Payton Manning is going to give our D fits for a while, but I have a feeling that Nolan will put the D in position to handle business, plus the Dome is going to be rocking. I so wish I could be there. The deciding factor, though, will be the Falcons' offense. I honestly don't see many defenses stopping that offense, and the Broncos **** sure won't be the first. This will be a statement game for Ryan and gang. It's an exciting time to be a Falcons fan.

P.S. All of you whiney bandwagon chicken little trolls need to go root for the crap teams that you really pull for and quit polluting our boards with your senseless agenda driven fodder. Go Falcons!!!

Atl 35

Den 17

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It was like watching his 08 play but better it seemed like something was holding him back after that season. We looked fluid and organic instead of timid and un-focused. The biggest thing that I am proud of them for is when they smelled blood in the water they went in for the kill as soon as Cronnel tried to challenge that one call close to the end of the half I knew they were getting scared and the team took notice too I could feel the momentum swing our way after that. I don't know if we will dominate but we WILL win this game!

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I like the confidence, but I just can't honestly say we'll dominate the Broncos. I do beleive we can win, but if we do it'll be in a close game. Honestly it doesn't matter what the lead is to me so long as we pull in a win at the end of the day. A loss wouldn't be the end of the world either, though it would make my day a little sadder. Definitely looking forward to the game though.

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They have good corners, but we have the Julio. They have a great (but aging) QB. We have a great QB just coming of age.

Of course it's just one game. Of course any team can lose on any given Sunday (even if that team is led by Manning.)

This could be a shootout, and this could end up being Ryan's brightest hour.

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Guest Negatorris

Not brimming with confidence. I see us losing in a spectacular shootout fashion, but losing nonetheless.

I don't want us too, and I'll be glad if I'm proven wrong, but...yeah.

You said that about the Chiefs game. Lighten up bro.

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