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To Add Insult To Injury


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Meh, doesn't matter. I'd rather not have Owens on the field anyway. That fight is the best thing he's shown in his Falcons career. Dude sucks.

I agree.

If TD degrades us fans to watching Owens get beat, in every capacity imaginable in pass coverage, I will be furious.

I'd rather gives Franks a shot.

-- Maybe getting cut will light a fire underneath him and get him to improve as a CB.

Here's to hoping.

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I liked it too. Nothing anyone else wouldn't have done. At least we aren't sitting back and letting them walk all over us. Those days are over. I might give him one start to see if something has woke him up, but Franks would have his helmet on and his toes on the chalk ready to go in if he turns out to be as bad as previous years.


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