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There Are Actually Some Corners Available


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That might be worth a look. I think with our depth being what it is, we need to bring in another CB... I'm not sure how I feel about Franks or Owens getting the amount of PT that they will... Just looking around to see who is out there right now and there are some guys who could step in and play right away...

Darrin Walls - Probably the guy coming back... but I was excited when we signed him last year, I think as a CB he could be better than Franks or Owens, just not as good on ST

Aaron Berry - I know he's been trouble in Detroit, but in this lockerroom he shouldn't be a problem, we have strong leadership, unlike Detroit.

Dominique Foxworth - Been here before, older but could step in as a nickel guy.

Lito Sheppard - Again a bit older, but has been a solid corner.

Phillip Buchanon - See Sheppard, but a little more "burnable".

Kelly Jennings - Former 1st round pick may not hurt to kick the tires on... though he was "Crispy" in cincy

I don't know, like I said, just can't see us rolling with Owens as the #3...

gotta do some diggin but these are the guys available.


Edit: I think Walls is injured...

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