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Smith & Front Office Confident In Cbs Moving Forward?


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With as lousy as a player Dunta has been for us (and appears to be getting worse), throw in Samuel's age, the loss of Grimes hurts.

He was the only thing even remotely close to a "cover" corner we had.

Sticking with the, "we are going to play nickel and all 3 CBs frequently" mantra they have spoonfed us since the Samuel trade, this could be a real problem.

I still can't believe Owens isn't on the PS; however, I'm slightly less confident in Franks as a true CB.

What would you all guess is going on in the front office right about now?



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Grimes being put on IR opens up a roster spot so I'm sure we're going to sign someone to take it.

TD and the scouting staff have probably been looking at other teams and available free agents to see who is out there.

Unless we sign someone from the practice squad or someone we cut in pre-season I seriously doubt anyone we pick up is going to be playing by Monday because they still have to learn the system.

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A. Leaving things the way, moving up a corner from the rear and activating a different player to the active roster.

B. Same as above but instead bringing in a free agent corner who can take the outside to replace Grimes and leave Robinson inside, or a free safety conversion to corner who can cover the inside while moving Robinson to the outside.

C. Magically heal Grimes...

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Smitty hinted at some roster moves upcoming on the coaches show on 790 about a half hour ago. It looks like Owens will get a chance to prove himself, but TD and the FO are looking around for some CB depth/.

I honestly would take a trade for a 3rd or 4th rounder for a solid CB if anyone is on the block.

With the pass-rush still anemic, we cannot leave it up to 31 yr old Samuel and Dunta, "Musta Slipped," Robinson.

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