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Trial By Fire: Falcons O-Line Vs. Broncos


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This matchup comes down to offensive execution...

By the O-LINE.

We all know what Ryan is capable of doing with the best set of skill players in Falcons' history, but the O-line will truly be tested Monday night.

The Broncos boast a wiley 3-4 defense with two incredibly athletic pass-rushing OLBs in Dumervil and Miller. Von Miller is tenacious and can get through a block in a myriad of ways, so we will have to gameplan extraordinarily well up front.

Defensively, Peyton is going to get his looks and they are going to score.

There is something that fans, critics, analysts and Falcons players have been talking about for a few years now and I know it's early, but it looks as though, finally, we could have the long-awaited offense that dictates what the opposing defense can and must do in order to try and defend our attack.

This all falls apart if the Offensive Line fails to execute.

I'm hoping the screen-game plays it's part, but more importantly, that if the o-line struggles at any point, Koetter has the mindset to not just, "stick to the game plan and play not to lose" a la MM, but the resilience and wit to make adjustments.


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Yeah we will get tested next Monday much more than KC tested us on the offensive line. With Grimes being out I think Manning will put on an offensive seminar for the public. Our front four got no pressure on Cassel in first half at all. Our only chance is to keep pace with Manning. If our O-line can't give a pocket for Ryan its game over.

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