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Ryan Keeping Up With The Jones

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week one of last season promised a glut of passing yards and touchdowns when <a href="http://www.rotoworld.com/player/NFL/1163/Tom-Brady" target="_blank">Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, and Chad Henne over 400 yards, and then ten other quarterbacks topped 300 yards.

So far this week, no quarterbacks have come that close to 400 yards and only nine have topped 300. Does this mean anything? Maybe, maybe not, but even though we know for a fact the NFL is now a “passing league,” we also know that defenses adapt quickly and we can’t expect quarterbacks to put up gaudy numbers each week.

This week, the best fantasy quarterback threw for under 300 yards, but ran for a touchdown and threw for three others, oh and we all expected him to do just that.

Matt Ryan has been hyped as much as humanly possible this preseason and for good reason. We all saw how much he improved toward the end of last year with the addition of Julio Jones, the other hype machine cog. The Falcons’ coaches told us they’d play more up-tempo and then in preseason, they actually did. Ryan to Jones was as easy as hand into glove. But how often does the regular season come around and suddenly, THUD!?

Hype rarely fulfills itself.

So when Matt Ryan and Julio Jones took their show to Kansas City on Sunday and knocked it out of the park, I was actually surprised and relieved and happy all at the same time. Watching players live up to their potential is fulfilling.

Will Ryan continue to put up elite numbers with Jones, Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez and Jacquizz Rodgers? Can he make that step into the elite? In a league where we measure passing yards in the five thousands now, I don’t think he needs to put up those kinds of numbers. Aaron Rodgers was the MVP last year because he was economical with his passing yards. He converted them into touchdowns and that’s what Matt Ryan did in week one. Even though he didn’t quite hit 300 yards passing, he still had more fantasy points than he had in any one game all last season, and he topped 300 yards six times.

He fulfilled his promise this week and then some and I don’t see him, or the Falcons’ offense slowing down anytime soon.

Game Balls

Julio Jones - I already talked about him in the open, but why not talk about him some more?! Matt Ryan is the leader, but Jones is already ahead of him, as far as ability at his own position. He’s already moved himself into the ranks of Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson, which is amazing for a 23 year old.

Am I jumping the gun? Of course I could be, but there’s nothing to point to that says I am. Everything about him screams elite.

His six receptions for 108 yards and two touchdowns was a nice start to the season, especially when you realize he didn’t score his first touchdown until week nine last year.

Buy Low

Jacquizz Rodgers - Well, the tales of Michael Turner’s demise have not been exaggerated. Quizz fits the Falcons offense so much better that it’s almost laughable watching Turner lumber around. Will Rodgers win the starting job? I think at some point, yes. It just makes way too much sense.

Committee Time

Falcons - Touches + Targets – Michael Turner (11), Jacquizz Rodgers (9), Jason Snelling (2)

Turner and Rodgers pretty much split looks and Rodgers had three more total yards and two receptions. Turner is going to start fading away.


Fantasy MVP of Week 1: Matt Ryan, Falcons – He led all quarterbacks in fantasy points and set his all time high in fantasy points. That’s a lot of fantasy points!


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