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Dent Not On Ajc Stat Sheet


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Glancing at the paper this morning confirmed what I thought I saw in the game. Dent was not a factor, which makes him a factor. Lofton had 9, 4 solo and 5 assists. I don't ever recall Lofton having an 0'fer while he was here.

True Dent wasn't on the stat sheet but let's not forget he's not a 3 down linebacker so he's not on the field as much as Lofton.

So while Lofton had more tackles yesterday he was on the field much more than Dent, especially when you look at the Skins time of possesion.

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Dent is probably not as good as Lofton right now.

Oh well I still would not have signed Lofton for what he wanted. His knee's are going to get worse he is stiff and horrible in coverage. We signed a lot of our own players last year he got away, oh well we will move on he has his obvious weaknesses so maybe Dent will pan out in the future, if not we will acquire another MLB.

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what a stupid thread. we played nickel nearly all game.. and won. who gives a fvck about Dent's numbers? lol.

Until KC missed that FG attempt in the 3rd they were on the verge of evening the score. Falcons "O" went down and made it a

2 position game then the t/o binge. I found no solace in playing nickle most of the game and Dent not getting a tackle...we are gonna need

better play defensively. Falcons didn't stop the Chiefs until 4:03 left in the 3rd qtr.

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WOW lets go all around the league and compare fifth years starters against 2nd years making their first start.

note I'm not a great Dent fan but that's an unfair comparison

Lofton pretty much performed better than Brooking from day one. He made tackles

at or around the line of scrimmage. I liked that about him because that is not easy

to do. Some people seemed to think Nolan wouldn't need a great MLB to get the job

done. I also remember people thinking that because of BVG's scheme we didn't need

good corners and I remember thinking, at some point somebody has to cover. This is

a new concept for me to grasp that we don't expect the MLB to make tackles.

I just heard Smitty on the radio giving Dent an attaboy and saying statistics can be

deceiving, "he did a nice job".

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