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'young' Ryan Unable To Generate The Revenue Seen In Former Times...

Mr. Right

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Two weeks ago, the good people of Atlanta were thrilled to see within the Case-Shiller 20 City Index that the average home price increase in their city (+4.4% month/month) was among the best in the nation. While the news surely fueled hopes that perhaps the long awaited housing recovery had finally arrived in the 9th largest city in the nation, at least one pundit says, not so fast.

Nick Colas, chief market strategist at ConvergEx argues that things may not be turning around in Atlanta (and elsewhere) just yet, given that average ticket prices to attend a Falcons home game are down 8.1% this season. This is the biggest drop among the 30 NFL cities, according to Team Marketing Report data. Further, he says his own research of NFL attendance and ticket prices reveals all kinds insights, most of which are troubling.

"It's telling us that the overall economy still isn't as strong as it was back in 2007," Colas says in the attached video, citing a 4.5% drop in NFL attendance from 2007. "It's also telling us that the upper-end consumer is still retrenching, they're still pulling back. They haven't felt the burst of either better employment numbers or better income and they're actually attending fewer games."

Before you dismiss his work as a folly, consider that the NFL regular season is 17 weeks long, includes the critical holiday season, and takes place in 30 major metropolitan areas. Colas also calculated "capacity utilization" of stadiums by factoring the percentage of unsold seats, and discovered "a good 5, 6, 7 points of capacity utilization difference in those cities where the housing crisis never really bit -- like New York City - or areas like Florida, where it got trounced."

His "off the grid(iron)" analysis isn't all bad news, but did highlight what he calls "the startling difference'' between various cities and teams, many of which saw pricing and/or attendance gains.

Still, he points out that 10 teams lowered ticket prices this year "because they see that attendance numbers are actually slowly creeping downward." For him, a broad-based increase in attendance, particularly in the housing-hammered areas of the south and southwest, would clearly imply an uptick in confidence.

"We worry about deflation, Ben Bernanke worries about deflation, as it turns out, a lot NFL stadiums and NFL team owners are thinking deflation as well," he says. With one taking action via lowering rates, while the others take action by lowering prices.

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lol Mr Right . I think you are a good dude but blaming Ryan for Atlanta economy is far fetched to the 9th degree . Even if Vick was here and he was not on IR or hanging dogs in backyard

Falcons would have still been hurt by economy . Less jobs equal less revenues

People rather watch game free at home and save $

Falcons may be hurt, but not dead last.

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I forgot to mention, this is probably why Ryan hasn't been extended by Arthur. The RoR may not be there.

Glad to see you so worried by Authur's money. Did you feel the same way when Aurther was paying millions to a QB while he sat in jail instead of playing football? & then had to legally try to recoup back some of it? just curious?

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LOL...You try way too hard....Ryan has a great game and shuts you up and here you are trying to still bash him. .You are relentless but still a try hard clown troll!! cgan622l.jpg By the way "Mr Im not Right" how did your homie do?? 4 INT against the Browns..LMAO

This is an article straight from Yahoo Finance and is Falcons related. This is a No Spin Zone.

Edited by Mr. Right
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If the Falcons lose yesterday, then young Ryan is to blame. The Falcons win so now you have to choke down your usual dribble. So now its ratings as to why Ryan isn't qualified to be the QB. Ok, I think I got it.

By the way your avatar came to life yesterday and threw a bunch of picks and posted a QBR of 25 with elite talent at the skill positions.

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"Young Ryan unable to bring peace to the Middle East"

"No cure for Cancer looks like it's Young Ryan's fault"

"WAGA Fox loses feed for 30 minutes Young Ryan to Blame"

"Young Ryan behind BP Gulf Oil disaster"

"Global warming on the noodle arm of Young Ryan"

"Japanese Earthquake started by Young Ryan's Happy Feet"

"Young Ryan on the grassy knoll when JFK was shot"

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Yeah OK Mr Vick, 4 INTs..... go worship your hero. Well take Matt Ryan anyday. Vick leaving and us getting Matt are the 2 greatest things to ever happen to the Falcons.

Mr. Right sure does like his overrated and overpaid players, so let's not leave out the other greatest thing to happen to the Falcons....getting rid of the worst CB in the NFL, his other BFF snuggle bear, MeHall. LMAO!

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Gonna be a long season for Mr. Right.. Anyone see the Cleveland / Philly game yesterday? Both QB's looked like total garbage. Downright ugly game to watch.

On the other hand - I sure did enjoy watching Young Ryan pull an Aaron Rogers impersonation yesterday. Please correct me if I'm wrong but he was responsible for 4 TD's, right?

Had to respond - this guy is ridiculous.

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