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Report: Gov't Motors Loses $49,000 On Each Chevy Volt...

Guest Deisel

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As though this was unpredictable. The democrats GM Fiction 'The Democrats' GM Fiction'... was clearly avoidable. Allow the company to proceed out of Bankruptcy like it should have and the govt would'nt be stealing more tax revenue to pay for this boondogle and WE the PEOPLE would'nt be having this conversation.

Where does it all stop? What companys are going to have enough Union pressure to get the bailout where as others don't get the bail out? This is abt Govt picking which companies, based on pressure and money laundering, they'll help.

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I hate GM. I am not going to judge the Volt and I have not much knowledge about the US auto marketbut they ruined all their European brands, especially Opel. They were looking for buyers a dozen times and they themselfes weaseled out of agreements at the last moment. That left the image of a once profitable daughter ruined and now all they can do is slowely dismantle the remains with thousends of jobs lost.

Their European business was once so profitable that it was subsidized the Amertican business over bad years. But everytime they got involved themselfes, things went down the crapper.

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