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Rev's Thoughts On The Chiefs Game


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Nice game yesterday. Lots of stuff to be excited about.

1. The offense looked spectacular. Ryan was hot, and the o-line did a surprisingly good job. It was nice to see us finally roll over a team the way we are capable of.

2. The defense was obviously on a later flight, because they did not show up until the middle of the 3rd quarter. WOW! Our D was gashed. In particular, the defensive line was manhandled most of the day.

3. I think the change in offensive coordinator will be very good for the Falcons. For the first time in the Ryan era, we were consistently taking shots down the field, and we got out of the “run first” mentality.

4. On the other hand, the defense was just terrible in the first half. They could not a runny nose if they wanted to. The Chiefs are a decent team, but we made Cassle look like a Manning. Weatherspooon and Moore were the only players on D that stood out to me at all yesterday,

5. Speaking of Weatherspoon, I was so proud of him for stopping that stupid “spooning” this he does after every tackle. And then he did one in the 3rd quarter. He reminds me of the Cheese in the Cheese-It commercial that has to mature. I am going to have to start putting up “Stop The Stupid Spooning” signs all over the dome.

6. OK, for all of the Ryan haters – what are you complaining about today? Ryan did not just look elite yesterday, he WAS elite!! He was sharp, accurate, and made some excellent throws. And all of those bozos who still want to try and lie about his arm strength – well, you just look foolish for that argument right now.

7. Now on to Denver. I watched the game last night with Pitt – Denver is for real. If the defense does not make a drastic improvement in 7 days, Denver will eat us alive. I only hope we can score more points than they do. With the Broncos OL being as strong as they are, it might be a long night for the Falcons.

8. All in all it was a great way to start the season. We have areas we are shining in, and areas that need improvement. Regardless, this team is going to win the NFC South. Mark my words.

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Guest Negatorris

The passing attack was nice. A minimum number of passes less than ten yards. Mostly every pass was targeted PAST the first down, and Ryan was accurate and confident. The OL played well, and Ryan moved up and around the pocket when he wanted. On mostly every passing play at least one of our receivers were open and got YAC, and Ryan was tossing pinpoint passes. The running game still sucked. People say it was the blocking, but this is not on the OL in my eyes. More than half of Turner's carries were runs up the middle, and we hardly ever get more than 4 yards when he does that. If that Falcons running game ever gets going in one game, the opposing defense is gonna have the worst day of their life. The Falcons looked dangerous yesterday, ON THE ROAD, OUTSIDE!!

The defense was disappointing, but Nolan's halftime adjustment allowed them to pitch a shutout in the second half(not counting that garbage time TD by the Chiefs). Asante usually plays well against Peyton, as he did Ryan when he was with the Eagles. I believe Nolan handed the defense their collective ***** at halftime, and I think he will work. No matter how bad the defense looks on Monday, I am confident Nolan can make the proper adjustments to disrupt Peyton, and if the offense stays consistent we have a nice chance of winning. Ryan has lost 4 times in the Dome, and we are undefeated in our home openers!

Needless to say, I'm confident that we can beat the Broncos despite how they looked tonight.

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Guest Negatorris

Spoon's celebration is so benign. How does anyone hate it?

Oh but be sure to love Julio bringing back the franchise embarrassment that is the Dirty Bird.

I have no idea. The dude can do pelvic thrusts as long as he keeps playing at the level that he has been. I don't care! laugh.png

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Good review . I didn't see much change in our offense philopshy . I think I saw 1 pass over 30 yards . Koetter ran a scheme that was very similar to what Mularkey ran past 4 seasons

the pass protection was solid . It allowed Ryan to be comfortable in pocket and attack the slant routes with Julio . Saw a lot of 2/3 wr sets . We tried to establish the run , but Oline was not giving lanes to Quizz or Turner .

Great win overall . Ryan played great executed the game plan . We hope as falcon fans can see him perform like this in playoffs . I think we saw these type of games of Ryan perform

I think as Falcon fans we are waiting for him and team to perform like this in playoffs

This was not Mularkey's scheme by a sight. It's not just the number of passes or the distance of the passes that made our offense so stale under MM. It was the routes. I used to count how many passes were completed with the WR planted with his back to the end zone and it would be well over 80%. The only route that I saw that looks like last year was that 5 yd curl to HD on 3rd and long that went for 5 and a FG.

Other than that it was slants and bubble screens and we were rewarded with tons of YAC. This is what the passing game should have looked like last year and I defy you to find one game where we did. The first half of the GB game maybe but then we came out with the same old hitches, curls and outs that we were usin since 09.

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I'm excited at how the game turned out, and how the team played. Like anyone who is a fan, I am concerned with how the D played through the first half. The secondary looked lost with their zone assignments, and the DL was not doing much of anything to stop the run. Our safeties played well as did the LB's, but that's about where it stops. Our offense turned out to be our best weapon for the defense. When KC had no other options than to start throwing to catch up, that's when the D was able to really start to get pressure.

It was a great win. This new regime is able to get many first kind of things to happen like first win in Arrowhead, first back to back to back and then back again winning seasons, back to back playoff appearances. Now if we can just get that 1st Lombardi. I love the direction things are heading in.

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Nic was the best on the D yesterday. Much better than spoon. He was a man possessed yesterday and will be the pro-bowler if Spoon doesnt step it up a bit. I was dissappointed in Spoons getting off the first block on running plays. He got taken out of the play several times. I thought the secondary underperformed the entire game, especially the secondary. Grimes did not look good at all.

The offense looked very good. Still some issues, but Ryan and the OC corrected them very quickly. Should have had two more TD's. Skillet hands has to catch that ball and there were four drops by the receivers and full back. That has to stop.

All in all we looked good for the first game. The defense is much better than they played and the O is just going to sharpen.

This team is special. It was funny listening to the radio coming into work this morning. A lot of talk about the sucks and redskins and bronco's. Some of those teams did look good, but I only heard one or two comments about the Falcons. A lot of the good things people were talking about were just a product of the first week of football, or one game anomalies. These Falcon's are going to be consistently very good. Kinda like they have been for the past four years.

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Let the big dog eat his soup... I did not see the game! I followed it online... Bummer! Besides Abe, which D linemen played well?? Did Robertson see any action? How did PJ look? I heard Ray Ray looked average at best. I know spoon and Nic played very good but what was y'all impressions on Dents overall first start?

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We have seen post and slants by Mularkey . Julio scored TD vs Carolina on post . The routes were very similar . The key to yesterday game was Oline did solid in pass protection . There was only 1 down field attempt in yesterday game . We saw the middle used by Tony G like we did under Mularkey . The utilization of Harry Douglas and Quizz two players that feel were under utilized in Mularkey scheme did not do anything under Koetter

The bubble screen to Julio was the only play that Mularkey didn't have in his play book

Julio caught 6 passes 4 of them were on slants/ post / 1 on a bubble screen

other was a stop route

Roddy caught 6 passes . Usual Roddy deep outs and curls .

Tony G everything near hash marks outside TD

We ran a offense that very similar to Mularkey 2/3 wr sets

Ryan was comfortable and poised and Oline executed pass blocking

When have you seen the bunch WR sets with picks with MM? Backs catching balls? Screens? Non-reliance on run? The offense we saw was nothing like a MM offense.

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