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Any Nic Fans Out There? Check In Here

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You gotta be lovin buddy by now. He flat out went off yesterday. 12 tackles? 2 PDs? A pick? A fumble recovery? Good grief son. That's defensive player of the week type stuff right there. He was the only defender that came to play in the first half. If dude can stay healthy he could have a monster year. Probably my favorite Falcon right now (along with Ryan and Abe).

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Yep. Here with pom poms waving. Nic was flat out flying everywhere yesterday. Spoon has been getting a lot of love but Nic is going to make people respect the LB core as a whole.

I think if he keeps up this torrid pace he should get pro bowl mentions. If he keeps making plays that contract they gave him last season will look like a supermarket special.

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